My Fitness Journey (so far)

I started my weight loss journey at the start of 2013.

In 2013 I lost 20 KG.

I started going to boot camp in February which I loved. It was so hard at first because even though I wasn’t the most unfit, i was definitely by far the most overweight. It was so embarrassing at first because I could barely do any of the exercises and I could feel all my fat jiggling around. It was also in the arvo so it was still light out – in a public park. There came a point though when I did not care anymore; I was there for me and I was slowly improving. I only went once a week because of other conflicts and I wanted to get into the routine. I was also a member of Fitness First – I changed my membership because I couldn’t afford it so I was signed up to go once a week so I thought to get the most out of it I would go to a class which just happened to be Boxing.


I fell in love with boxing. I loved it from the very first time I went; I was very self conscious at the start because your punching and your arm fat moves A LOT. After I had been doing boxing for around 7 months I felt like I wasn’t get much out of it anymore since it was just Boxing for Fitness. From boxing though I knew I would like to go the next step and learn more about fighting (focusing on kicks and actually punching people); and this is how I found Krav Maga.

I train in KM twice a week along with 4 hours of boxing classes which is through the gym. I no longer go to the boxing classes through fitness first. The boxing classes are very different to the boxing cardio classes – it is fighting boxing; I love the sparring aspect of it as well. I need to work on my defense though.

So, time for some pictures as these are always the best part of weight loss :).

Legs shot before and after

feb 2013 legs December 2013

The picture on the left was taken in Feb 2013; the picture on the right was taken Dec 2013.

I have lost CM off my legs but mostly they have become really toned (i love how much muscle I have in my thighs).

feb 2013 legs front IMG_1816

Same timeline as above – Jan 2013; Dec 2013.

When I first started working out I did not want to take any photos. I started taking photos a month in, it was so painful to do and I had no idea what I was doing thats why they aren’t proper weight loss pics.

A considerable amount of the weight loss is noticeable in my face however I do not want to put a picture of my face on the internet at this stage (maybe when I have lost the rest of the weight). You can tell that I have lost weight with my stomach but it is not that obvious – still have a long way to go.

Training for Tough Mudder so I have something to work towards.

Feel free to leave comments and let me know what you think 🙂

Are you on your fitness journey? What did you find that works for you?


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