Krav Maga

Before you start Krav Maga (with most MMA I believe) you need to do an introduction class before you join the regular classes. I went on a Thursday night and had lost all my finger nails by the time I had started. To say I was nervous was an understatement. I was so nervous especially as I wasn’t in a healthy BMI range and thought that everyone would be full on built.

We went through very basic techniques in the introduction – I wasn’t the fittest but I wasn’t the worse either, I was probably around the middle mark fitness wise. The last activity  was lying face down and your partner had to flip you over and get you on your back. This challenged me in so many different ways – Krav has been great for getting out of my comfort zone.  At the end of the session they talked to us about membership, cost and the time table. I was still unsure because of the dedication, time and cost. I actually wrote a list of all the positives and negatives; looked at the list and said fuck it, I’m signing up.

I  am now P1 which just means I am not a beginner (WOO). I am still training consistently and was doing 4 hours of boxing a week (as well as the KM classes and Boot camp) however now only doing 1 boxing session a week because of other commitments.

While Krav Maga is self defence you still learn offensive moves as that may be the only option you have. I love it. I always look forward to training and always do the best I can (accept when it comes to the burpees). If you start KM you will notice at the start especially you will ALWAYS have bruises. Throughout training Krav Maga you will get a lot of bruises as your are continually conditioning your body but at the start it is worse because your body is not used to it at all. I have always enjoyed this part of training, strengthening your body, becoming stronger, and the knowledge that you are training for something. 

I really do love the whole training aspect of it – mentally and physically.

ABC did a piece on our gym recently talking about the legalities of using self defense which is a very interesting topic. You do have to be careful when using self defense, we are told at the gym as soon as you have the upper hand or control of the situation, not to use excessive use after the threat is gone. They have put a negative spin on the piece but I think my instructor handled it very well, key point;

“this is a tool for people to protect themselves, not to victimise people” 

Please watch below and let me know what you think 🙂

Controversial self-defence could have unintended results


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