Auckland, Matamata and Rotorua – New Zealand

We flew into Auckland on 25 December 2014, on first impression it’s very similar to Sydney however we didn’t get to explore Auckland very much so didn’t get to explore its full potential, we only stayed one night and that was on Christmas night.

The first activity we did was jump of Auckland Sky Tower, a 192 metre jump, it took me 30 seconds to jump but when I eventually did it was over pretty fast. The view was amazing while on top and even better on the way down!
sky tower jump
We then picked up our ride which was so exciting! Our home for the next 2 weeks 🙂 We went with the company Jucy after a lot of comparison searching, we also saw so many jucy campers as we were travelling (we beeped/waved at every single one!).

The first night in the camper was a rough one, luckily for me though it only took one night to get used to it. My sister had more difficulty as she is taller then me. It was such a cool van though and was handy that we always had our possessions where-ever we went. 

Once we picked up the camper-van, we travelled to Matamata which is where we spent the second night. So on the third day in New Zealand I went to Hobbiton which was such a surreal experience, I had so much fun. I haven’t been a long time fan of Lord of the Rings, it’s only been something I got into recently but the amount of detail they have put into Hobbiton, you can’t help but love and respect it.

We stayed in a place called Lake Okareka which was so beautiful, we were literally parked right next to the lake, such a nice view in the morning and the evening. It was a DOC (Department of Conversation) site and was only $10 a night but no shower 😦 we stayed here for two nights despite that though, so worth it.


From here we drove through Lake Taupo, we didn’t stay here long, we just drove through really, filled up and used the petrol station wifi. We had a long drive ahead of us (making our way to Wellington) so we were pretty keen to get the driving out of the way. I found that the view was standard where we were (not the best we had seen at that point) but it was stunning as you were driving out towards Wellington; sucked for though cause I was driving.

There was one night, we were so tired and sick of driving but we couldn’t find any parks so we just pulled over and slept in a section that was for self contained vehicles. This was in Marton, random little town, literally couldn’t find anywhere proper to sleep. It had water but again, no showers or toilets; showers on this trip were truly a luxury! haha it was so funny, in the morning the rush to find toilets!

From Marton, we finished our car trip to Wellington which I will write about next 🙂


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