New Zealand Itinerary

I did the Itinerary for our trip around New Zealand, I had a lot of fun doing it as well which was lucky for my sister (it was my first trip so it was all very novel). See the itinerary I made up in word, I made it A5 as that was the size of the travel diary I had (also see image below). I put all of the importance references in there and also had a copy on my iPad along with all of the other documentation that we needed. I only put the things that we had booked on there and we didn’t want it too tight just in case something threw us off track.

I have edited the itinerary I made as a template, so you can download it and just alter it to your needs. You can change the page formatting to A4 if that’s what you prefer:

Travel Itinerary TEMPLATE

We were very lucky with our trip as we didn’t have any issues with the camper-van nor had any disasters. When we picked up the camper-van in Auckland there was a couple who was going through the insurance forms as they had a car accident, they didn’t look happy at all. That would be such a bad way to end a holiday.

We missed the Canopy Tour/Zip Line in Rotorua cause we got lost, the maps there are NOT GOOD AT ALL. I am surprised that this was the only thing we missed and we literally missed it by 5 minutes, we were 15 minutes late but they waited for us (my phone was on aeroplane so they couldn’t call me) however after 10 minutes they couldn’t contact me so they left which was fair enough.

Anyway, I’m finally getting around to updating my blog with EVERYTHING NEW ZEALAND!


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