Lite n Easy – Week 1 Review

So as you know, or if you don’t, I lost 20 kilos in 2013 however 2014, was not a good year for me at all. I started a new job which really interrupted my fitness regime and was high in stress which meant I would stress eat.

2015 has come around before I could even think about the new years resolution and recently I decided to give Lite n Easy a go as I need to get back into healthy habits.

REVIEW: after the second day I had already placed my second week order, it was so convenient and the food is a lot better then I thought it would be. I think that Lite n Easy is totally worth it, its just a matter of whether you can spare the expensive.

Just to give you an idea, I used to spend 30-50 on groceries, on the 7 week meal plan for lunch and dinner it’s $130 so it is isn’t to much more then what I spend but I could also be spending significantly less but then again I would spend a lot of money on take away food, 100 – 200 a fortnight.

It’s hard to cook for one person without a lot wasted food and it would be so expensive to have this amount of variety, for this convenience it’s worth it.

I am also trying to have around a litre of water with each meal (which means I am peeing A LOT), I have cut Coke Zero out of my diet, stopped drinking it at the start of January  (I used to drink A LOT) which pretty much means I have cut soft drink out, I’ll have it very rarely, there’s not really another soft drink that can compare to Coke Zero.

It works on a 4 week rotation, I started in Week B, below is the meal plan for this week – I stayed with the popular option (top row).

liteneasy week 1DAY 1 – Meditarinean Salad with Chicken Cous Cous

There was so much food and I didn’t realise that they were meant to go together so I ate them separately (this was a common theme throughout the first week) but I did like the salad and the chicken, the cous cous was really weird, haven’t eaten it before.

IMG_7480 IMG_7490



I am a curry person so thats what majority of my dinners are!

The above curry was pretty good, nothing like take out but still good; didn’t like that it had noodles in it (I’m a rice person) but other that that it was good.

Day 2 – Chicken Dim Sim Salad


This salad was awesome and the pikelets were really nice.


Went out to dinner for a friends farewell.

Day 3 – Beef Rissoles and coleslaw


this was kinda bland but it tasted alright, its a good meal as a one off or not often. The meat tasted pretty good though.


I’m not a muffin person, but I really liked this muffin (Banana), they gave me another one which was spinach, euuugh, did not like that one.



Day 4- Sweet chicken Curry


This Chicken curry was so good.


This was a really nice snack – Apple and Sultana Pancake.

I had a light afternoon tea with a friend so I had the below as dinner, it was a lot better then I thought it would be; pumpkin soup!


Day 5 – Roast Chicken Tender

IMG_7542 IMG_7543




Day 6 – Fried Rice with BBQ Chicken


this was a really good lunch



you really can’t go wrong with curry, so I’ll save some effort, i love all the curry’s.

Day 7 – Hokkein Stir Fry Noodles


i didn’t like this so much but the BBQ sauce was ok, it wasn’t that filling either but again, it was a one off meal.



this was pretty good considering it was a frozen meal, obvs sausages are always gonna be the best just after being on the BBQ but this was still a good meal.


I had the below snacks

  • small packet of cheese cubes
  • frozen bread
  • popcorn
  • almonds
  • nuts mixed with pretzels
  • Lavosh crackers
  • Japanese and Beef with Rice

There was a large variety of snacks for the week, the only time I really ate them though was on the weekend.


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