Wellington, Hanmer Springs and Dunedin – New Zealand

We didn’t stay long in Wellington, by the time we got there we were so exhausted and kind of sick of each other so we split up. We both just walked around Wellington separately, I went through the city and she stayed near the beach. It was so blue everywhere.

IMG_6827 IMG_6820

We had a meat pie for lunch with the trustie old Coke Zero! I swear I ate more meat pies in New Zealand than I have in Australia in the last 10 years. Anyway, we drove onto the inter-islander which was a lot of fun, and then once on board because of where Rach works we had VIP on the inter-islander which meant free food and drinks and comfy chairs. I don’t know how much that would normally cost but it was good, made the time go by faster. For the whole boat you had to pay for wifi which sucked. but it was cool to get out and walk around.



It was a really nice trip but a long one. I was thinking yes, we would have some time to chill and not have to drive since we had done a lot of driving over the last day or so and this was a 3.5 hour break, but it didn’t really feel like that cause we were just sitting down the whole time. I used this time to catch up on writing post cards for friends and doing my travel diary šŸ™‚ I am a stickler for these sort of things, i love writing in a diary!

From here we drove to Hanmer Springs, we got here after 10 PM, we were lucky the guy was still there AND SHOWERS!! we wanted one that night but we didn’t want to wake everyone so we waited for the morning. It was a beautiful moment.

We had a big breakfast (which became a normal thing in New Zealand), they were really pricey in Hanmer Springs which I’m assuming cause it was a little town and not much competition, there were 3-4 stores but they were all really close in price. We eventually sat down somewhere, the breakfast was really good, the coffee – not so much. I had a coffee in most places, I just had to try to see what they were like.

We really wanted to go to the hot springs but when we went in the morning there was a long wait to get in, it was seriously so busy, we had another long drive ahead so we thought we would just leave.

IMG_1760 IMG_1752

We then drove to Dunedin, we literally thought it was going to be this little town but it is a huge city, imagine our faces when we came around the corner and saw the city!

We only stayed here for a night, we had a few LOLs in this place, it was a main city so it was hard to find parking so we parked on the outskirts of the town on this really steep hill, I had to make a really sharp turn as well at the top which was freaking us out cause it was so tight and didn’t wanna scratch the car but at the same time we were in a fit of laughter! and then parking on this steep hill, it was so funny at the time.

We went on the Taieri Gorge Railway train when we arrived, it was a good chilaxing time, wrote some more post cards. It was a really good day, nice views and the conductor was pretty funny. As you can imagine we took a lot of selfies but I have only included the one below šŸ™‚ The coffee was alright, considering the circumtances. The food on the train was alright as well, obviously not going to be the best because we were on a train but it was a nice setting.

The park we stayed in Dunedin which was the best, had showers firstly, but had so many cool paintings and was a good atmosphere.

From here we went to my favourite place of the whole trip (other then Hobbiton), Queenstown. stay tuned!


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