Queenstown – New Zealand

As soon as we drove into Queenstown, I fell in love. It was so beautiful driving in along the Lake plus all the activities I was most excited about were here!

Screen shot 2015-01-12 at 9.17.30 PM

We drove in on 31/12/15 so this is where we spent our new years eve. We didn’t go out (there was a lot of partying), we got some noodles, coke zero and hired some scary movies and watched them in the campervan, it was raining (the only time while we were in New Zealand) which set the mood nicely.

On the first day of the year we just walked around, I went into a lot of souvenir shops haha the shops are all like out in the open, not like a Westfield so it was awesome walking around, and then being surrounded my mountains.


On the 2/1/15 we did the canyon swing, I was so stressed the night before cause we were scheduled for 9 am the next morning. We rocked up early and luckily for us they had overbooked, because we were first the show up they asked us to move to a later time and they would give us both the photos and videos free of charge, i was like yep yep straight away, SCORE! we just saved like 90 bucks each. This was huge at this stage as well cause we had all of the big activities coming up where the photos would be expensive.

This allowed us to go get breakfast but didn’t do anything good for my nerves. Anyway, once we were there and had all of our gear on, it was finally my turn to go (Rach made me go first cause she didn’t think I would jump if I went last), it took 3 minutes to get off the platform, the guys that are there mess around with people a lot but they didn’t do that with me cause I was shaking so much, my left leg was shaking so bad it was unbelievable.

Swing 04 - Photo 02

I felt so bad for the people behind me cause I took so long to jump, they were all off the platform in 30 seconds, took me 3 minutes!! Once I jumped though, it felt so amazing! You only free fall for a few seconds, and then you go into the swing which is when I relaxed and enjoyed the view. I WOULD LOVE TO DO THIS AGAIN!!

Also, it was pretty cool swinging over that lake as I would later white water raft it! I was on a high for the rest of the day, my sister is fine with heights and she thought it would be a lot worse.

The next day, we went white water rafting. I had been waiting since I was 16 to do plus the whole trip, I was beyond excited. We didn’t take any of our cameras, didn’t wanna risk losing the gopro. I saw another guys footage though, it didn’t seem like he got anything good on it.




croped cover


It was so much fun, we were even allowed to get out of the boat for a bit (only ours seemed to do this though), our guy said to make sure not to have our legs down as they might get stuck in something, it was an old gold panning area and there was a lot of stuff that was left behind, you could see it along the side and on the hills which I was paranoid about.

At the end I was pretty disappointed with the photos, I was in the back so I wasn’t even in that many. My sister had the best spot and got some really good photos. I still bought everything cause there were a few alright ones and the book that they had was pretty awesome.

TIP: after doing activities, always check the photos and videos cause our USB ended up having photos/videos from the wrong day. Luckily we checked before we left Queenstown so we could go back and get it fixed. If you can’t do it while your there try and do it within 7 days cause they will usually delete the photos after a certain time period. Usually they’ll let you know the time frame.

Next was the Dart River Funyaks which included the wilderness jet, the scenery was just amazing. New Zealand never disappoints.




Screen shot 2015-01-10 at 7.38.18 PM

Queenstown was by far the best place we went, it was so relaxing as well since this was the place we stayed the longest, 6 nights total, it was so good to know your way around and know where your going to be staying. It was so hard leaving this place, Rach was like dude I know your going to come back here sometime.

I definitely recommend you visit Queenstown when in New Zealand.


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