Franz Josef Glacier, Greymouth & Christchurch – New Zealand

Franz Josef Glacier

We got a helicopter (my first time in one ^_^) into the Franz Josef Glacier which was pretty cool in itself.



We rocked up in shorts and a tee and everyone else was in trackies, jumpers, thermals. The guys there asked where we were from, after saying Australia, he said we would definitely need more clothes and to take pants and jumpers from them, we declined cause we’re pretty good with cold weather.

Needless to say, once we got there everyone was stripping off and ended up having to carry jumpers, we were proud of ourselves!! TIP: don’t wear jeans, you need to be able to move quiet freely.



the way that the clouds sat on the mountains was so pretty and not like anything I had seen before. I also had my sunnies on pretty much all the time, my eyes were so squinty.


This was a small town, nothing too interesting, the only camper van place we could find was literally behind a petrol station, just like 7 or 8 cars parked next to each other. We went zip lining and black water rafting. Black water rafting was a pretty big let down, I think I had built it up a lot in my head after going white water rafting.




and thus we come to the end of our trip ūüė¶

We were only here for one night, we found accommodation; all backpackers were booked so we ended up staying in a one room motel. By this point we were pretty poor, the petrol was such a huge expense but we were expecting that so no surprises, everything from here forward pretty much went onto my credit card.



It was pretty sad walking through Christchurch cause there were still quiet a few buildings that had been destroyed. There was a shopping mall (pictured above) called RE: START which contained shops in shipping containers which was pretty cool and painted very bright colours.

I bought the below clock in Christchurch, thought this was really nice.

It was so sad leaving New Zealand, flying back to Sydney, back to work but I definitely think I will be going back one day.



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