Ultimate Travel Companian

this is something I need, any traveller needs really!!

It’s called an EcoCapsule (article can be found here) which is powered solely by solar and wind energy, the tiny home has lets you live off the grid wherever your wanderlust takes you, and even has its own shower and toilet, sleeping area for two, and kitchenette.

I would totally love just to live out of this, throw out majority of my possessions, and live out of this. Could you imagine the possibilities? Even if you had to put it in a camp ground you could travel quite a bit, having it as your permanent residence, while continuing to work. I could save so much money on rent, even if I had to pay to stay at camp grounds, internet may be a problem though!



I reckon this is a good amount of space plus you have your own toilet and shower. As you can see below there is space available for belongings…

to get a better understanding of all the space available, go here, at the bottom it has an Interactive presentation of the interior layout, this shows how much storage it really has.



It’s also good as well cause the capsules can be used as housing for emergency teams who have been quickly deployed to help with natural disasters that have destroyed nearby infrastructure.

The price hasn’t been released for the 86 sq ft pods, but shipping costs from Slovakia are between £700- £1414 which is $1388 – $2804 AUD. So the delivery is pretty expensive (for me anyway) and the pod is going to be pretty expensive I reckon, and looks worth it in my opinion.

2916A0CC00000578-3097880-image-a-13_1432657711299 2916A1A300000578-3097880-image-m-8_1432657671665

The only down fall is that you would need to get a car to be able to move it around, but still totally worth it in my opinion.

I’m really hoping/willing that its not completely out of my price range, I would love to buy this and move to UK. Take it wherever you want! The pod can be transported by being towed, on the back of a truck or in a shipping container 



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