Never thought I would come back this soon

I remember the feeling as my sister and I drive out of Queenstown at the start of this year, I did not want to leave at all but we had to move on. You know the feeling right, the sadness of leaving a place that you’ve fallen in love with, that you’ve called home (no matter how short of a time). Rach always said I would be back but i didn’t quiet believe her (euugh money).

But here I am, not even 6 months later, in a hostel in Queenstown. It’s a lot colder now then when I was here previously but there is so much more snow on the mountains, so pretty! It feels so surreal being back.

I got really cheap flights and was able to take advantage of the long weekend for the Queens birthday, meant that I didn’t have to take too much time off work and didn’t spend as much money.


I don’t have anywhere near as many activities we had planned previously, I have Milford Sound tour booked (bday prezzie from my sister) so I’ll try and post as much as I can. I have an assignment thats due soon and an exam when I get back so I do have a lot of work to do, bugger! but I would much rather do it here then in Sydney.


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