My Gondola Ride in QUEENSTOWN

This was totally worth just being able to see the view from the top, ou couldn’t stay long outside cause it was pretty cold! I also walked up behind the building where it was even colder, so i just took a picture and left. I need to get gloves ASAP! I got my beloved beanie here which does make a huge difference but I think the hands are pretty important to keep warm!



I saw someone do a bungy, they jumped off with a flip, and i actually felt the drop in my stomach, as if I were doing it lol


IMG_7923 IMG_7919It’s quiet common to see people paragliding, so many times i’m just chilling in my room and one goes by. I’ll try and take a picture cause they’re pretty close. IMG_7926

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 6.57.18 pm

I went up in the afternoon and spent to long in the souvenir shop so I ended up going out to the view point again at sunset.



this is higher up, so cold!

I would love to go up again but it’s $30. and also they take pictures but there just photoshopped so I didn’t get them (like first time ever), they really should find a good place to take the photos and take proper ones. It actually makes me really angry that they do this.

yayy, ticked this off the bucket list 😀


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