ferg is taking over

So it started with FergBurger – who are known for their burgers, but then they got so popular they started to run out of buns. Too solve this issue they decided to open Ferg Baker and make their own buns; from there, they also opened Mrs Ferg.

I obviously had to try each of these and make sure there coffee was up to standard as well; it definitely was! I always just get a latte with 1 sugar. If your a coffee buff, check it out!



IMG_8202I’m by no means a foodie, even less a pie eater but omg these pies…
they were so good.. i had the ferg pie which was amazing!! and then i also tried a curry pie which was equally as good. 

IMG_8764now, what to say about the long awaited burger?

it was pretty damn good

it’s one of the better burgers i’ve had, i dunno about all of this ‘best in the world or one of the best’ stuff but it was a tasty burger and worth getting. When i went it was in winter so there wasn’t really a line, probably 5 minute wait and then 10 minutes for the burger which isn’t too bad considering. I got the original burger to better compare burgers and to save money. If i had to wait 2 hours for the burger (especially just the original), i really think i would be singing a different tune – i don’t think any food really would be worth the wait.

another one ticked off the bucket list 😀



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