stressed out

to meet the eligibility criteria to go on exchange you need to have completed 18 credit points at the time of filing, I interpreted the eligibility criteria wrong I thought it was at the time of leaving the country… what was I thinking?

for this reason I had to pick up another unit, so studying 4 units while working full time. I feel like all I am doing is struggling to keep up with the course work. 

I picked up marketing cause I thought it would be easy but it’s so much content and not something that comes intuitively (which means I can’t bullshit my way through).

All together I am doing;

  • Marketing – not doing so well at the moment, have a lot to catch up on
  • Principles of Management – alot of content but I have experience to make up for when I don’t do the readings
  • Formal Logic – alright at the moment, but the formulas are going to get a lot more complicated as we get on, generally just like :/ what is going on
  • Statistics – so many people fail and I know why, struggling to keep up let alone understand the work

Also, it’s not enough that I complete these subjects, I need to maintain a good GPA, currently 3.5 and need 3 to go on exchange which I can scrape through with 1 pass, 2 credits and a distinction.

I planned on going to South Africa in August next year, then on exchange September next year which works out well with my sisters timetable and when uni starts in the UK which means even if I decide to go later on exchange I won’t be able to go to South Africa with them 😦

Today is the last day to drop out with out financial penalty, but I feel like no matter how much the course costs I at least need to try. I have until end of September to drop out without it effecting my GPA which is something but I really wanna go on exchange next year…

but then I think, f*ck it, I’ll just go anyway, screw uni and screw work…  but then I really don’t want the course to take longer then it has to :/ my head is so euuuugggghhhh

Let me know what you think or if you have had an similar experiences 🙂e17928460abc1e8e7ba58a34b4e70000




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