on my mind, 24/7

What I’m looking forward to the most in London:

  1. Wizarding world of Harry Potter
  2. everything else harry potter ^_^
  3. London eye / big ben / stonehenge

then onto all my European adventures.

N E E D  T O  S T A Y  M O T I V A T E D  !



2 thoughts on “on my mind, 24/7

  1. Stonehenge is a fair trek out of London tbh, but totally recommend exploring off the beaten track if you get the chance. Shoreditch is awesome for funky graffiti and quirky pop-up shops, there’s a comic/cartoon museum in Holborn, the London Dungeon is a must if you’re interested in the gory history of London and if you’re just interested in exploring what the city has to offer, try the strand/Soho/Covent Garden area 🙂

    • oooohh thanks for the tip! didn’t think about that, we’re only going to be there for a week and my sister wants to go to Ireland!! but hopefully I’ll be travelling for longer, so I can always go back. London Dungeon sounds interesting!! haha

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