Queenstown / Photo Diary

New Years 2015


All of our main activities were here, so I made this album separate


South Island / Photo Diary

Christmas and New Years 2014 – 2015

South Island

North Island, New Zealand / Photo Diary

Christmas and New Years 2014 – 2015


ferg is taking over

So it started with FergBurger – who are known for their burgers, but then they got so popular they started to run out of buns. Too solve this issue they decided to open Ferg Baker and make their own buns; from there, they also opened Mrs Ferg.

I obviously had to try each of these and make sure there coffee was up to standard as well; it definitely was! I always just get a latte with 1 sugar. If your a coffee buff, check it out!


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Arrowtown – New Zealand

Arrowtown is a quaint place which I think is pretty obvious by the advertising. I went for a 2.5 – 3 hour walk which was nice, I did the low fitness level one cause it was shorter, it was just a flat walk which sucked, i was hoping to get to a good look out.

I still managed some good shots though 🙂


IMG_8045i love this pic, it’s covered in icicles

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My Gondola Ride in QUEENSTOWN

This was totally worth just being able to see the view from the top, ou couldn’t stay long outside cause it was pretty cold! I also walked up behind the building where it was even colder, so i just took a picture and left. I need to get gloves ASAP! I got my beloved beanie here which does make a huge difference but I think the hands are pretty important to keep warm!



I saw someone do a bungy, they jumped off with a flip, and i actually felt the drop in my stomach, as if I were doing it lol


IMG_7923 IMG_7919It’s quiet common to see people paragliding, so many times i’m just chilling in my room and one goes by. I’ll try and take a picture cause they’re pretty close. IMG_7926 Continue reading

where i’m working from

this is the view from my room (and close by)! if it wasn’t so bloody cold outside, i would literally just sit outside and stare at the mountains all day, just with my coffee is good enough though!

I had to snap chat this to all of my friends while at work yesterday haha I’m that kind of friend 😛



Never thought I would come back this soon

I remember the feeling as my sister and I drive out of Queenstown at the start of this year, I did not want to leave at all but we had to move on. You know the feeling right, the sadness of leaving a place that you’ve fallen in love with, that you’ve called home (no matter how short of a time). Rach always said I would be back but i didn’t quiet believe her (euugh money).

But here I am, not even 6 months later, in a hostel in Queenstown. It’s a lot colder now then when I was here previously but there is so much more snow on the mountains, so pretty! It feels so surreal being back.

I got really cheap flights and was able to take advantage of the long weekend for the Queens birthday, meant that I didn’t have to take too much time off work and didn’t spend as much money.


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